Samson and Delilah (English)

Samson and Delilah (English)

Her beautiful face shone in the candlelight
Casting a long shadow in the small bedroom

With her pearl skin and the eyes of deep Mediterranean Ocean -
she is the most magnificent creature in the world

"Why all the candles?" Oscar smiles as she removes her scarf
and let her long golden hair flow freely

"I wanted to see you - so I can memorize every detail…"

It breaks my heart to see a sad frown form between her perfect eye blows
'Cause I know it's a prelude to her tears

"…Is it close?" Her tears are now falling from her dark blue eyes

"Yes, I think it's any day now. My eye sight is failing..."

I wrap my arms around her slender body and hold her close as she cries in my chest

"I am the damned Delilah. I cut off your hair and now taking away your eye sight..."

"I've told you many times before and I will tell you now -it was not your fault"

I gently wipe away her tears.

"Please... smile for me. That's how I want to remember… My beautiful Oscar.”

“Now let me see you close…
Like Samson did with Delilah, I want to fall asleep on your knees tonight…”

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