For non-Japanese speaking readers....

The heavy oak door creaked and a slender, solitary figure of a military officer walked in the dim, candle-lit church.

Her long golden blonde danced on her back as she hastily walked toward the altar and

Her well-tailored blue uniform was stained in dark crimson with dried blood.

After pausing to make a sign of cross, she approached the granite slab, where rows of plain, identical coffins lined.

Among the sea of coffins she found what she was looking for. The resting place of a tall,
raven haired man in French Guards’ uniform. He was her best friend, a protector, a loyal
servant but most of all, he was the love of her life.

Although his uniform was tattered and bloody, his face was serine and peaceful ー
even a hint of smile?

In the dark sanctuary, his handsome face looked as he was asleep. His right eye was closed and his blind left eye was hidden under his satiny black hair. She sat on the cold stone floor and leaned over him. She wondered he would open his beautiful eyes again if she gently
kissed his lips. However she knew his onyx eyes would never smile at her; his passionate lips would never sing her praises again.

She carefully straightened his uniform as she let her tears flow freely from her sapphire eyes. Her tears fell on his body and soaked into the bloody jacket. His muscular body felt so cold
to her touch. It was surreal– only last night she was held tight against this body as they
made love.

“Oh Lord, why have you taken him away from me? I cannot live without this man.”

He was a part of her. Like the air she breathed, he was there with her ever since she could
remember. Together they cried, they laughed and they loved…

“André - My Love, please watch over me. Don’t let me be a coward. Take my hand and
bring me to your side.”

At that moment the moon came out behind the dark cloud and the faint moonlight shone
through the stained glass window – and she saw something glistened around his neck.
It was a thin, silver chain. When she gently pulled it toward her a small crucifix appeared
from inside of his collar. She recognized it as her First Communion gift to him over 25 years

She smiled through tears.
“André, even in death you are trying to protect me? Can I borrow this for a little while??
Until I see you again.”

She carefully removed the crucifix from his neck and placed it on hers, then tucked it safely
inside of her uniform. She felt her beloved André whispered in her heart.

“See, I am always with you. We are always together….”

She laid her body over his chest and gently stroked his black hair and the beautiful chiseled
face over and over again, singing and whispering softly to him, just like a mother with her


Hours passed and the old door creaked again. With first sign of the morning light, two men
in French Guards’ uniform came through the door. “Commander?”

Corporal Hulin and Alain de Soissions found her giving one last kiss to her fallen lover.
She slowly raised her head. “Report.” Her face transformed from that of a grieving woman who lost her lover, to that of the Commanding General of French Guards. “Troops all present and accounted for” “Good, we are moving out in 10 minutes”

She stood up and gave one last glance at him. Then walked away to join her soldiers. She
placed her right hand on the crucifix and whispered to André:

“Wait for me, André...”


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